CORE provides valuable information about new social housing lettings, sales, tenants and buyers across England.

This national information is used by government bodies and organisations to inform social housing funding, regulatory and housing policy decisions.

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Social Housing in England, April to September 2020' Statistical Release


We are pleased to inform you that we have now published the 'Social Housing Lettings in England, April to September 2020’ statistical release, also known as the CORE Lettings interim report. This is a one-off publication of half-year data to provide an initial insight into the impact of COVID-19 on new social housing lettings, including information about the tenants, their reason for moving, their tenancies, why properties were vacant and for how long.

We have published the related stats release and summary tables at In Autumn 2021, we will be publishing the full year data as part of the usual annual release. We hope that this interim publication will serve as a pilot for a new series of quarterly CORE publications, bringing you more timely information for benchmarking against other organisations.

The MHCLG CORE Team wishes to warmly thank providers for all of their input. The publication is the culmination of much work from you and your colleagues, is very much appreciated and, indeed, cannot be done without this input. Your data and efforts enable us to produce a robust evidence base for developing and monitoring social housing policy, academics and charities to undertake research, the public to be informed and much more.

The 2021/22 CORE data collection is now live


The 2021/22 CORE data collection is now live.

Please use the 2021/22 forms and eCORE (bulk upload) templates for all new lettings starting on or after 1st April 2020 and for all sales occurring on or after 1st April 2020. Please be careful when selecting which form to complete as the existing 2020/21 collection is still open.

The 2020/21 deadline is Friday 4th June. Please submit any remaining Lettings and Sales logs for 2020/21 by this date, including logs that are currently ‘saved’ (not fully complete) or ‘invalid’ (showing error messages). Please contact the CORE Helpdesk (details below) if you need assistance.

On the 'Guides and Manuals' page, you can find the new 2021/22 CORE documents which include:

  1. CORE Manual (detailing the data to be collected with definitions);
  2. Online user guidance (explaining how to use the CORE system, with versions for data providers, coordinators and the general public);
  3. Log forms both with and without guidance notes (to be printed and used manually when collecting data from tenants/purchasers);
  4. eCORE templates (to bulk upload data);
  5. eCORE specifications (which set out each question for each log type and the required format); and
  6. Data dictionaries (descriptions of the variables in the dataset that will be published via the ‘Analyse Data’ once logs have been submitted).

The versions of these documents for the existing 2020/21 year are still available on the 'Guides and Manuals' page.

The CORE Helpdesk can be contacted at or via 0333 202 5084 (open Mon - Fri, 09:00 - 17:30 – closed Good Friday and Easter Monday).

The data you provide through CORE is vital for us to understand trends in new tenancies and sales, stock churn and tenant characteristics, forming a crucial part of the allocations and homelessness evidence base. We thank you for your continued participation in CORE.

2021/22 Lettings And CORE Forms, Specifications And ECORE Templates


Please note that the 2021/22 Lettings and Sales pdf log forms (both with and without guidance notes), eCORE templates and specifications, and updated online user guidance are now available to download from the 'Guides and Manuals' page of the CORE website. All changes from the previous year are indicated in red text throughout.

These materials should be used for new tenancies starting, and new sales taking place, on or after 1st April 2021.

The CORE Manual and data dictionaries for the 2021/22 reporting year will all be available when we go live with the new data collection on 1st April.

These materials should be used for new tenancies starting, and new sales taking place, on or after 1st April 2021.

The current 2020/21 collection remains open until 4th June.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

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