CORE provides valuable information about new social housing lettings, sales, tenants and buyers across England.

This national information is used by government bodies and organisations to inform social housing funding, regulatory and housing policy decisions.

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REMINDER! 2020/21 CORE Collection Closedown_ Friday 4th June 2021


The CORE online collection closedown deadline for 2020/21 data for both lettings and sales will close in around 4 weeks’ time on Friday 4th June 2021.

There will not be a soft deadline for this collection; this will be the final cut-off and logs should not be submitted or amended after this date.

Please submit all of your 2020/21 lettings and sales logs. You should also revisit your ‘Saved’ and ‘Invalid’ log records to ensure they submit as valid, where appropriate. You can download your invalid logs by selecting ‘Administration’ and then ‘Your Logs’. Guidance on how to do this is available from our 2020/21 CORE Online user guidance - Co-ordinators document, available from our 'Guides and Manuals' page.

If you have had queries sent to the CORE Helpdesk on this matter, please be aware that they will be attended to. Otherwise, and for any further queries, the CORE Helpdesk can be contacted at the customer portal: - (please choose the appropriate query type); by email ( (please give the subject as "CORE - " followed by a summary of your query); or by telephone (0333 202 5084, available 09:00 - 17:30 on weekdays).

CORE Site Research Recruitment Request


As part of a project to improve CORE, we would like to speak to users of the CORE system to understand their needs and help us test out potential solutions to make the CORE submission process more user-friendly and efficient. If you are interested in taking part in a 45min - 1 hour research session, please fill in your details on this form, or contact directly.

Social Housing in England, April to September 2020' Statistical Release


We are pleased to inform you that we have now published the 'Social Housing Lettings in England, April to September 2020’ statistical release, also known as the CORE Lettings interim report. This is a one-off publication of half-year data to provide an initial insight into the impact of COVID-19 on new social housing lettings, including information about the tenants, their reason for moving, their tenancies, why properties were vacant and for how long.

We have published the related stats release and summary tables at In Autumn 2021, we will be publishing the full year data as part of the usual annual release. We hope that this interim publication will serve as a pilot for a new series of quarterly CORE publications, bringing you more timely information for benchmarking against other organisations.

The MHCLG CORE Team wishes to warmly thank providers for all of their input. The publication is the culmination of much work from you and your colleagues, is very much appreciated and, indeed, cannot be done without this input. Your data and efforts enable us to produce a robust evidence base for developing and monitoring social housing policy, academics and charities to undertake research, the public to be informed and much more.

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