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CORE provides MHCLG with an essential evidence base for monitoring and developing government policy, in particular to assess who is accessing social housing and their associated tenancy and property details.

For example, CORE has been used extensively to develop MHCLG’s understanding of how social housing allocations are being made and to inform policies on affordable home ownership. It is also used to answer Freedom of Information requests, Parliamentary Questions and information on the characteristics of tenants entering social housing, the latter of which are published by the Department through a series of Live Tables.

The Office for National Statistics also use analysis of CORE rents data as an input into their price indices.

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CORE data provides Homes England with a better understanding of the socio-economic and demographic make up of affordable housing customers by tenure. The income and housing costs data allows Homes England to consider affordability levels by tenure. Migration between tenures and areas can also indicate where there is differing demand. This analysis contributes to understanding local housing markets and affordable housing products.

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The National Housing Federation uses CORE data extensively, having been closely involved with CORE since its beginnings in 1988.

NHF internal use includes monitoring the size, nature and extent of letting and sales activity by housing associations and local authorities. In particular, NHF use CORE to assess aspects of housing pressure in different parts of the country via the source of referral, homelessness and time to re-let questions, both overall and, with respect to particular household compositions and characteristics, at regional and local level. NHF use CORE to track trends in all of the following, and more:

  • Housing of nominees from local authorities, both homeless and not.
  • Rent levels and affordability.
  • Levels of worklessness.
  • Housing of minorities.
  • Size of properties let related to need across regions.
  • Frequency of letting.
  • Reasons for housing.

These and other analyses from CORE inform consultation responses, select committee contributions, seminar discussions and policy briefings on behalf of NHF members. CORE is also used as a source for publicity material to demonstrate the excellent work which NHF members do throughout the country.

In addition to internal uses of CORE, NHF provides tailored summaries from CORE data, to member housing associations and others, on an ad-hoc or regular basis, as part of the Housing Figures service.


Researchers often use CORE for a variety of research related to social housing (for example, homelessness).