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CORE (COntinuous REcording of Lettings and Sales in Social Housing in England) is a national information source funded by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, that records information on the characteristics of both private registered providers’ and local authorities’ new social housing tenants and the homes they rent and buy. Policy makers and practitioners regard the system as an essential tool for monitoring housing costs, assessing affordability and developing policy. Read More

To participate in CORE, please first contact and register with the Social Housing Regulator, who need to be aware of your organisation and will supply you with a registration number and additional information.

If your organisation has done this but is new to CORE, please complete this CORE new institution form and return it to the CORE Helpdesk. We can then update your organisation's details on the CORE system and begin creating Data Protection and individual user accounts for you to start supplying data, which can be submitted either through our online log forms or you can upload large data files of several hundred logs maximum.

Some of the upper links of the CORE website in the black-coloured banner which appears across the top of each page need no user account subscription to access. These include 'Learn about CORE' (which contains the 'Guides and Manuals' page) and 'Analyse CORE Data' will enable you to access CORE data for reporting and analysis at organisation, local authority and English national levels.

If you require any further information regarding CORE that is not available on this website, again, please contact the CORE Helpdesk. Read More

Documentation concerning the specific annual log forms, explanations of key terms, tips, best practice, training and more is available here. Read More

CORE is used by many organisations including the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, Homes England, Greater London Authority, National Housing Federation, local authorities and private registered providers, consultants and researchers. Read More

The social housing regulator's website can be found here